Blog series written for and by early childhood educators

Blog series written for and by early childhood educators

A new blog series is providing a forum for authors with differing perspectives and opinions to join the same conversation. While early childhood education is increasingly recognized, the workforce working with young children and their families is often left behind. New America is introducing bi-weekly blog posts as a platform for people to examine the same issues from their own unique vantage point.

In 2017, Albert Wat’s Increasing Early Childhood Teachers' Education, Compensation, and Diversity held that education of early childhood educators, their remuneration and the diversity in the field need to move forward – raising challenging issues often swept under the rug and offering a catalyst for this blog series.

Throughout this series, blogs present different viewpoints, authors build upon one another’s thoughts, and respond to points of differentiation. This format creates a much needed avenue for discussion among those working in the field.

This is an interactive and dynamic series, rather than a series of editorials. The blogs connect with one another and address similar questions. The first few blogs of this series, for example, address the question:

“Has ECE created a false dichotomy among increasing early childhood educators’ preparation and education, compensation and status, and the field’s diversity and inclusivity?”

Take a look at the series here. And, enjoy. 

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