NEWS: What has the Initiative been up to in 2018?

The Early Childhood Workforce Initiative is a Hub for the most relevant resources on the early childhood workforce, which consists of the volunteers, paraprofessionals, and professionals who promote the healthy growth, development, and learning of young children.

In addition to providing a Knowledge Hub comprised of more than 200 resources, the Initiative conducts rigorous research that provides a better understanding of the workforce, as well as their challenges and opportunities. Resources, such as our Landscape Analyses and Country Studies, offer actionable policy recommendations for supporting a quality workforce at scale. These along with our webinars have added to a growing body of work surrounding the early childhood workforce. See what we’ve produced in 2018:


Global Landscape Analyses Series
Strengthening and Supporting the Early Childhood Workforce: Competences and Standards 
Strengthening and Supporting the Early Childhood Workforce: Training and Professional Development

We know the individuals comprising the early childhood workforce need to be better supported, but how?
To help answer this question, the Early Childhood Workforce Initiative launched a series of global landscape analyses on Competences and Standards and Training and Professional Development – the first attempt to synthesize global literature and experiences on these topics across early childhood sectors and roles. The 16 findings from these reports include successful policy and programmatic examples in action, balanced against challenges stakeholders may expect to face. 


Supporting the Early Childhood Workforce at Scale: Preschool Education in Ukraine
Preschool can be a powerful opportunity to support children’s growth and development at a critical stage in life. In this report, researchers illustrate the experiences of preschool teachers and identify the size and scope of the challenges they run into – offering insights into the training, recruitment and remuneration of preschool teachers in Ukraine.


The Supporting the Early Childhood Workforce at Scale: Community Health Workers and the Expansion of First 1000 Days Services in South Africa
This study provides insight into how South Africa is endeavoring to implement First 1000 Days Services. Examining the experience of two provinces, researchers consider the implications for service delivery across the country and provide recommendations to enable, prepare and support the CHW workforce to deliver on this expanded suite of early childhood services.


Competences and standards: why do we need them for the early childhood workforce?
Why are professional competences and standards needed? How do they support a well-prepared workforce from their first day of preparation throughout their career? We explored these questions and more with a panel of experts. 



New resources, including a compendium of Country Briefs and a webinar focused on working conditions, will be available in early 2019. Follow the Early Childhood Workforce Initiative on Twitter and sign-up for the newsletter via the button below to be the first to receive updates.


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