Longitudinal Study of Changes in Teachers’ Views of Early Childhood Education in the USA, Russia, and Finland

Early Childhood Education in the USA, Russia and Finland

This investigation examines changes in teachers’ views of the needs of children in early childhood education (ECE) context in the USA, Russia, and Finland over the past two decades. In addition, it focuses on the teachers’ views about their role  in  the  process  of  child-rearing  within  formal  ECE  institutions. Moreover,  the primary purpose  of documenting teachers’  views  on  children’s needs, professional work, and centre-based child care, between  these  societal contexts from 1991 and 2011, is to better understand points of comparative change. The data was collected from  child  care  centre teachers by applying  the qualitative method  of focus group discussions. The results suggest great changes both on the micro and macro levels of ECE  in  the  contexts of  investigation.  Although  the results  suggest that  individual encounters  with  children  are idealized  in  each  society,  the economics  and  values beyond the child care setting define  the limits of resources available to implement their pedagogical aspirations.