Child Protection & Social Welfare

Voices of child care providers: an exploratory study on the impact of policy changes

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Child Care Providers

In debates about child care and early education, the voices of providers are often missing. In this article, we report fndings from a study exploring child care provider perspectives on how regulation and policy changes impact their ability to provide care. Data were collected from interviews and focus groups with home-based providers and center-based administrators (N = 55) in rural, urban and suburban New York counties.

Core Competency Framework for the Protection of Children

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NHS Competency Framework for the Protection of Children Scotland

This Core Competency Framework has been developed for all disciplines, professions and staff groups undertaking a clinical role within NHS Scotland. The twin aims of the framework are

The Social Service Workforce as Related to Child Protection in Southeast Europe: A Regional Overview

Changing Systems & Practice to Improve Outcomes for Young Fathers, Their Children & Their Families

Strengthening and Supporting the Early Childhood Workforce: Training and Professional Development

Supporting the early childhood workforce at scale: The Cuna Más home visiting program in Peru