About the Early Childhood Workforce Initiative

The Early Childhood Workforce Initiative focuses on the country system and policy level to support and empower those who work with families and children under age 8 (e.g. home visitors, preschool staff, community health workers), as well as those who supervise and mentor practitioners (e.g. supervisors, mentors and coaches, trainers). This initiative takes a holistic, multi-sectoral approach to bridge gaps in policy and practice and promote high quality, equitable services. This initiative is co-hosted by the International Step by Step Association (ISSA) and Results for Development (R4D) Read more


In the spotlight:

Teachers in Asia Pacific: Status and Rights

More than half of the 70 million teachers (primary and secondary) in the world’s formal educational system are from the Asia-Pacific region – making it essential to document the current situation for teachers in the region. Teachers in Asia Pacific: Status and Rights (2015) examines the trends and policies affecting teachers’ status and their emerging needs and challenges. It provides a general picture of the current situation of teachers in Uzbekistan, Mongolia, Republic of Korea, Samoa, Pakistan, Sri Lanka, Cambodia and Indonesia.

Why is this report so important?

Raising the status of teachers and upholding their rights is a critical and global issue.

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