Michelle Neuman and Tomi Oyedele
Michelle Neuman and Tomi Oyedele discuss the global challenge of recruiting and retaining qualified early childhood workers.
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By: Denise Bonsu
Denise Bonsu, Senior Program Associate at R4D, chats with Dr. Teresita Inciong, Executive Director and Vice Chairperson at the ECCD Council, to learn more about the challenges that have been faced and the solutions that have been implemented during…
Health mediators – you are not alone!
By: Ivana Miljković
Every day, they link Roma families with health care institutions. UNICEF Serbia's blog focuses on two health mediators working with Roma families, Marina and Gordana.
Interview with Slovenian practitioners
Voices from the early childhood workforce: an interview with three preschool teachers about their profession and working conditions in Slovenia
Emergency Child Care: Issues to Consider
By: Joan Lombardi
Joan Lombardi PhD, international expert on child and family policy and a longstanding champion for children, addresses issues to consider related to the child care system during the pandemic.
Let’s Support Those who Care for our Children
By: Marta Dormal | Marta Rubio-Codina | María Caridad Araujo
Blog, originally published on Primeros Pasos, focuses on the significant role that the early childhood workforce plays in the quality of services provided to young children and their framilies
BLOG: South Africa's Expansion of First 1000 Days Services
Key lessons from our most recent Country Study focused on Community Health Workers delivering expanded First 1000 Days services in South Africa.