Training of Child protection actors on key competencies in caring for children in adversity and their families. A guide for trainers and child protection actors


This guide has been designed to strengthen the competencies of child protection actors. The term "child protection actors" covers three categories of actors: social workers, para-social workers and community actors.

The goal of this guide is to develop the basic professional competencies of child protection actors, particularly social workers and para-social workers. This guide will also help trainers develop training content and ensure that child protection actors acquire the required information (knowledge), know-how (skills) and interpersonal skills (attitudes). The first part of the guide is intended for those who train child protection actors and is based on a child protection competency matrix. The second part of the guide includes sessions on themes specific to Terre des hommes.


Terre des Hommes / Didier Sevet, Claudie Ouedraogo, Saïdou Chojnowicz, Gaele Bertrand, Sara Lim

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