Standards for ECD Parenting Programmes


Standards for ECD Parenting Programmes takes a deeper looking into the interventions or services which aim to support parenting interactions, behaviors, knowledge, beliefs, attitudes, and practices. The document guides practitioners through a set of standards for parenting programs. Nine standards are presented including:  

  • Supporting nurturing care because it contributes to holistic child development;
  • Build on a theory of change that leads to the desired results;
  • Tailor content to the child's developmental stage;
  • Serve vulnerable children and their families;
  • Involve all parents and key caregivers engaged in the function of parenting;
  • Adapt to context and culture and build upon positive parenting practices;
  • Engage trained workforce and service providers;
  • Reflect continuous improvements through systematic monitoring and evaluation.

This resource is particularly targeted to low and middle income count ires.

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