WEBINAR | Competences and standards: why do we need them for the early childhood workforce?


Competences and standards affect the professionalization of the workforce, the relevance of their initial training and continuous professional development, of mentoring, of monitoring and evaluation, and their improvement efforts. They can have a significant impact on those who work directly with young children and their families.

Why are professional competences and standards needed and how do they support a well-prepared workforce from their first day of preparation throughout their career? Are they contributing to quality improvement? Do they contribute to recognizing the importance of the early childhood profession?

Recently, the Early Childhood Workforce Initiative has published a landscape analysis on competences and standards for the early childhood workforce, across sectors and professions. The report provided insights into the importance of defining such policy documents for strengthening and supporting the workforce. Still, across the globe there are great disparities among countries, and within systems across sectors, on how these competences and standards are defined, the role they play in professionalizing the workforce and how they contribute to strengthening the early childhood systems in countries.

You may access the recording of this webinar via the YouTube link below. To find webinar resources, including links to videos used in the webinar and the webinar slides, visit this page.

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