Programs of Human Talent Training in Initial Education: Perspectives for Change


This document is an integral part of the set of technical references of the Strategy “De Cero A Siempre”, which seeks to guide those who have responsibilities in the Comprehensive Early Childhood Care (AIPI) about the promotion of child development through the lenses of protecting children’s rights. In this sense, these Guidelines are in line with other Guidelines published under the strategy and aims at informing the qualification of all those who work in the field of early childhood.  The document is understood as a qualification of the workforce in the field of education that aims, on the one hand, to broaden, deepen and renew the knowledge previously acquired by people who work -directly or indirectly- with early childhood and on the other hand, to improve early childhood care practices in such a way that they aim at the holistic development of children aged 0 to 6 years. The Guidelines are accompanied by the operative guide and the monitoring and evaluation proposal.



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