Global Survey of Inclusive Early Childhood Development and Early Childhood Intervention Programs


This global survey, which presents information on 426 programs in 121 countries in all world regions, aims to fill in existing gaps in our knowledge about the status of IECD and ECI programs internationally. Specifically, the main objectives of the survey were to: 1) Map current implementation of IECD and ECI programs and related activities; 2) Describe key IECD and ECI program features; 3) Identify gaps and challenges in providing accessible IECD and ECI services; 4) Document factors associated with successful implementation and scale-up; and 5) Generate recommendations to inform future policy and program development and national planning and implementation efforts.

The study reports program types and participants, legal frameworks that support the development and implementation of programs, program objectives, multi-sectoral cooperation, service provision, financial support and parent involvement across regions. In addition, the study highlights the barriers and enabling factors that can support the development, expansion and improvement of IECD and ECI programs. Based on the robust findings and conclusions of the study, the authors formulate 20 recommendations that can support the development, scale up and effectiveness of the IECD and ECI services globally and at the same time they issue a Call for a global agenda for the improvement and expansion of IECD and ECI programs.


RISE Institute, UNICEF, Early Childhood Development Task Force

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