Core Knowledge and Competences - For Early Childhood Professionals


The Northern Lights Career Development Center is part of the Community College of Vermont. The Center is the hub of Vermont’s unified system of professional development for early childhood and afterschool professionals.
A primary goal of the professional development system is to maintain and enhance a comprehensive, quality, statewide professional development system that:

  • Provides evidence-informed professional development opportunities for the workforce led by skilled instructors, mentors, or coaches;
  • Aligns with program and professional standards, requirements, and regulations; and
  • Recognizes accomplishments of professionals in the field.

The professional development system aims to be consistent, accessible, and responsive to the needs of early childhood and afterschool professionals from entry to advanced levels. Core knowledge and competencies provide the foundation of Vermont’s professional development system. They strengthen the system by creating common language and expectations for the professionals working with young children.

This book includes the knowledge and competencies and describes their development and uses.